Recycled Rock: What It Is & How You Can Use It

Landscape rock delivery services in some areas offer "recycled rock." Right about now, you are probably looking puzzled and scratching your head. Here is more about this unusually titled product, why it is a thing now, and how you can get it and use it in your landscaping.

What Recycled Rock Is

Recycled rock is taken from a number of locations. Maybe a construction site has a lot of rock that it dug up while working on a site. Maybe a house was torn down after a fire, and there was a lot of rock and stone involved in its construction or landscaping. Maybe a river or stream dried up, and now there is all this rock collecting dirt and mud in an area, but excavation removes it and leaves it to sit. Wherever the rock comes from, it has no real place to go unless it is used for landscaping and the like. It is generally piled up in landfills or taken to quarries where it may sit until it is sold to another party (e.g., a landscaping party). 

Why It Is Thing Right Now

People love the idea of reusing things from nature. Nothing goes to waste, and everything is quite natural. The recycled rock is washed and cleaned prior to use, and it can be used in flower beds, around bushes and shrubs, and as decorative rock dotting your landscape. It is even used in water gardens because some of the recycled rock comes from river beds and waterways that have dried up over time. 

How You Can Get It

Contact landscaping contractors and ask them about recycled rock for landscaping purposes. If they do not have it, they may know a competitor that does. Some landscaping contractors may not carry recycled rock products on a regular basis but are willing to purchase it as a special order item attached to your landscaping services with them. 

How You Can Use It

Recycled rock comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and types of rock. Use it for flower beds to prevent weeds. Use it as ground cover around trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowering bushes. Use it as the bed in a water garden and even create little outcrops in the water where Koi fish can hide during the day if the water gets a little too warm for them. Lastly, select uniquely-shaped larger rocks for accent pieces in your yard, or as places to sit and rest. 

If you're interested in learning more about recycled rock, contact services such as Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc.